Our trial experience
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Insurance Litigation and Business Litigation Practice: We represent insurance carriers, their insureds, and self-insured entities in the defense of tort liability claims. We have particular expertise to develop defenses of our clients to maximize the clients' opportunities to have the jury accurately understand the facts of the claim and the actual injuries, if any, being pursued by the plaintiff. Our courtroom experience enables our clients to avoid becoming victimized by attorneys that are attempting to mislead the jury. We have particular expertise in handling complex injury claims — neurological claims, claims involving bones and joints, and claims involving surgeries.

Anti-Organized Healthcare Fraud Litigation: Clients facing multiple questionable claims submissions from healthcare providers are faced with the challenges of how to sort the multitude of facts and circumstances in each claim. We are adept at detecting where misrepresentations occur in the claims being presented to the client. We enable the client to develop strategies and evidence to resist the claims and to seek affirmative remedies. We are a firm that files "whistleblower" actions against the perpetrators of organized fraud and we specialize in unlawful business practices actions. Our attorneys have a depth of understanding concerning medical issues that only comes through years of trial practice. The Healthcare industry and the Insurance industry are highly regulated. We are able to assist our clients to effectively resist unmeritorious and fraudulent claims while lawfully operating within the regulatory environments.

Blowing the Whistle: California and the Federal Government have powerful laws designed to encourage litigation against those that perpetrate insurance fraud. The firm brings Qui Tam (whistleblower) cases for institutional clients desiring to utilize affirmative litigation to address multiple false claims submissions. We also help clients detect and develop evidence of false claims submissions. If you work for a healthcare provider that is crossing the line by submitting questionable claims to insurers or know of false claims submission, please contact Steve Toschi. There are considerable bounties and protections for those "blowing the whistle" on insurance fraud.

Dealership Defense: Car dealerships operate in a highly regulated environment. Customers unhappy with their purchase at times will challenge the sufficiency of the transaction or falsely claim a vehicle is a "lemon." We assist our dealership clients to obtain the best outcome possible based upon the facts of each transaction. Our firm has obtained several favorable Court of Appeals decisions in the area of dealership law. We are a leading firm in this area.

Employer Defense: We defend employers in labor disputes and against claims of harassment or other alleged unlawful treatment at work.

Real Estate Litigation: Commercial real estate is often held by an LLC. Sometimes the managing members starve the members of money while trying to force them out by making capital calls. Legal remedies exist for those victimized by self-dealing managers. We are skilled and experienced in protecting the rights of minority participants against fraud, misappropriation and abuse of power by managing members in complex real estate transactions. We also represent Landlords in actions brought by tenants claiming their houses were uninhabitable.

Vaccination Injuries: Virtually all FDA approved vaccines involve a risk of complications and injuries ranging from those that are mild to severely debilitating and sometimes fatal. When a patient suffers a vaccination complication that results in symptoms persisting for more than six (6) months, their exclusive remedy is to make a claim under the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. We are experts in this highly specialized area of the law in which claims are exclusively adjudicated by the U.S. Federal Court of Claims in Washington, D.C.